Q.  Are tün® tips single use?

No, they are multi-use tips just like the others on the market.

Q. Are tün® tips made in a foreign country?

No, every part of the manufacturing process is done right here in the USA!

Q.  Why do you have different power settings for all the ultrasonic units?

We provide recommended power settings because each unit has different power outputs and different waveforms that the piezo crystals pulse at.  Also, tün®'s unique fork design vibrates the tip more aggressively then the other tips on the market.  So, if you are not sure what power setting to run at, please start low.

Q.  Will tün® tips fit on my unit?

tün® tips have the US standard 3mm x 0.6mm internal thread.  3mm x 0.5mm "EMS" threads are now available on select tips.  You can select which thread style on the shop page.

Q.  What tips do tün tips replace?

tün® tips replace BUC, CPR, ProUltra, SINE, TUFI, CARR, Brasseler endo tips, and Vista endo tips.

Q.  Do you have discounts or bulk quantity pricing?

Due to tün® tips very low cost compared to everything else in the industry we do not offer discount pricing.

Q.  How many Finishing Files come in a pack?

The Finishing Files come in a pack of 6.