Finishing File - 25mm

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Finishing File - 25mm

The Finishing File provides time and cost savings over sonic or ultrasonic instrumentation.

Efficiently cleans the canal walls and extracts the residual canal debris from the canal. The unique offset flute design of the Finishing File enables the file to agitate sodium hypochlorite and remove remaining dentinal wall debris without further enlarging the canal. The plastic rotary finishing file - the most cost effective and simplest way to clean a canal - is intended for single use. The Finishing File is used as the last file prior to obturation of a canal. It replaces the use of sonic or ultrasonic instrumentation.

Finishing File Specification

  • size: 25mm
  • size: 20
  • Taper: 0.04mm
  • Parallel offset flute design for maximum agitation and debris removal
  • Single Use Only

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