Instructions for Use

Downloadable Materials

Below are official Instructions for Use publications for using tün Ultrasonic Files by Engineered Endodontics. Please contact us if you have any questions or require further guidance.

tün EMS Ultrasonic Instructions for Use (PDF 66kb)

tün Satelec Ultrasonic Instructions for Use (PDF 66kb)


Recommended tün tip power settings for the major ultrasonic units in the market.

  • Satelec /Dentsply / Adec units 20%-50% power
  • Obtura WAVE unit we recommend 10-15 power setting
  • NSK unit use 3-4 power setting
  • Sybron / mini endo units use a 10%-20% power setting (1 or 2 dots on unit)
  • ALL other units please start at very low power (10%-20%) and adjust as needed