Finishing Files

The Finish­ing File provides time and cost savings over sonic or ultra­sonic instru­men­ta­tion.

Efficiently cleans the canal walls and extracts the residual canal debris from the canal. The unique offset flute design of the Finishing File enables the file to agitate sodium hypochlorite and remove remaining dentinal wall debris without further enlarging the canal. Sonic and ultrasonic aggitation is just that, aggitation!  The Finishing File is the ONLY device that aggitates AND extracts the debris out of a canal.  Research and our video show that needle irrigation does not effectively clean the apical 1/3 of the canal.  The plastic rotary finishing file - the most cost effective and simplest way to clean a canal - is intended for single use. To learn more about the effectiveness of plastic finishing files, review this pdf provided by the International Scholarly Research Network, this comparative analysis from Journal of Conservative Dentistry, or this research provided by The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice.