Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Yes, we get it. We get countless calls and emails everyday about our prices. Customers, very similar to you, can't believe we can sell ultrasonic tips for only $20 when competitors are selling similar tips for well over $80.

Further, people can't get over our disposable, plastic Finishing File that only costs $8 per six pack. To assuage your concerns, this is just a handful of testimonials from satisfied customers across our country. If you're still not sold, we'll gladly connect you with a satisfied customer - you can ask them directly.

Journal of Conservative Dentistry 2010 Apr-Jun; 13(2): 89-93:

"The improved result could be because of the unique file design enables the new endodontic polymer-based rotary finishing file to agitate sodium hypochlorite and remove remaining dentinal wall debris without further enlarging the canal. From this research, it is evident that plastic files promise a brilliant future in finishing of root canal walls." 

Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S.  - Diplomate, 
American Board of Endodontics:

"I have been waiting for an ultrasonic tip to be introduced that would provide me the performance I am accustomed to at a more reasonable price. The tün® tip is what I have been waiting for. The clinical performance is on par with the tips I currently use and the price is $20. These tips are a true value at this price point. Equal performance at a fraction of the price is a winning combination for my practice." 

Daniel Ehrich, D.D.S, MS.  - Diplomate, 
American Board of Endodontics:

"I tried out the new tün E2 ultrasonic tip and was very pleased with how well it cut dentin. I will certainly be buying the E2 tip from now on and would like to congratulate Engineered Endo on this product."

Dr. Mike Gaynor:

"The tips are similar to the $100 version. They work exactly the same. A great value for the money." 


Dr. Roy Kaldestad:

"I've tried every ultrasonic tip that has been made and have always felt that as an Endodontist, ultrasonic tips are the most overprice supply I use. Fortunately, the people at Engineered Endodontics have developed the tün tips. They are reasonably priced and perform to the same standards as the tips I was using previously and paying 4 to 5 times as much for. I thought that these less expensive tips would not last as long either, but so far I have been pleasantly surprised with how long they are lasting. Now, I'm just hoping the people at Engineered Endodontics can make a reasonably priced rotary file!"


Endodontic Resident:

"I will definitely be using these over other companies due to the price and how well they work!!"