Tün-Flex Tips

The brand new Tün-FLEX line of NiTi endodontic ultrasonic tips are almost here!



Tün-FLEX line of endodontic ultrasonic tips are made of NiTi. They replace the use of CPR 6,7,8 tips. Tün-FLEX line tips can follow the curvature of a canal better then other thin tips due to being made of NiTi; aiding in the removal of canal obstructions, separated instruments, post cement, or ultrasonic irrigation

Tün-FLEX tips will not take a set when bent, like other tips do. They spring right back to their original shape.

Tün-FLEX tips all have water ports for wet or dry cutting. Come in 3 lengths (coronal, transitional, and apical).

Power settings: very low to low. Not recommended for Sybron Endo units.

Coming soon!

To learn more, download the Tün-FLEX Spec Sheet (PDF).

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