tün® E2 - Taper Tip without Diamond

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tün® E2 - Taper Tip without Diamond

Tired of paying $60, $80, $90, even $100+ for your ultrasonic tips? Now your ultrasonic performance and price are in tün®!

tün® ultrasonic tips:

  • Are ALL stainless steel tips
  • Come in taper (with &without diamond), ball, and football shapes
  • Have standard 3mm x 0.6mm threads and fit the following units:
    Vista, P5, NSK, ENAC, Sybron Endo, Obtura Spartan, J. Morita, and Dentsply/Tulsa units.
  • tün® endo tips have 5mm of diamond plating for durable, efficient cutting performance
  • tün®’s unique design allows for more tip movement then conventional ultrasonic tips

 tün® uses include:

  • Precise and safe removal of tooth structure
  • Troughing for hidden orifices 
  • Chasing receded and calcified canals 
  • Improving the line of sight into challenging anatomically positioned orifices/canals. 
  • De-roofing peripheral dentin and flaring orifices 
  • Disassembling restorative segments and core materials 
  • Smoothing off and finishing various restoratives 
  • Locate canals

tün® endo tips most talked about feature, is their price of $20 per tip. The result. For every tün® tip you purchase you keep $40-$70 in your pocket. Performance + Price = Your ultrasonic win-win! Please note, your first ultrasonic tip order with Engineered Endo will include a free wrench!

US & Foreign Patents Pending.