tün Ultrasonic TipsTired of paying $60, $80, $90, even $100+ for your ultra­sonic tips? Now your ultra­sonic per­for­mance and price are in tün®!

Replace your expensive BUC, ProUltra, and SINE endodontic ultrasonic tips without sacrificing performance!

Check out our tün ultrasonics in action below.  In this video tün endodontic ultrasonic tips are used on a Sybron mini endo unit at a 1-2 power setting.

tün® endodontic ultrasonic tips:

  • Are ALL stainless steel tips
  • Come in taper (with & without diamond), ball, cone, football and post buster shapes
  • Have standard 3mm x 0.6mm threads and fit the following units:
    Vista, P5, NSK, Sybron Endo, Obtura Spartan,
    J. Morita, and Dentsply/Tulsa units.
  • 3mm x 0.5mm "EMS" threads currently available on select tips.
  • tün endo tips have dura coat diamond plating for durable, efficient cutting performance
  • tün®’s unique fork design provides more tip movement then conventional ultrasonic tips, so you get the same cutting performance at a lower power setting
  • Recommend power settings:
  • Satelec/Dentsply units 20%-50% power
  • Obtura WAVE unit we recommend 10-15 power setting
  • NSK unit use 3-4 power setting
  • Sybron / mini endo units use a 10%-20% power setting (1 or 2 dots on unit)
  • ALL other units please start at very low power (10%-20%) and adjust as needed

tün® endodontic ultrasonic tip uses include:

  • Precise and safe removal of tooth structure
  • Troughing for hidden orifices 
  • Chasing receded and calcified canals 
  • Improving the line of sight into challenging anatomically positioned orifices/canals. 
  • De-roofing peripheral dentin and flaring orifices 
  • Removal of pulp stones
  • Disassembling restorative segments and core materials 
  • Smoothing off and finishing various restoratives 
  • Locate canals
  • Smoothing the pulp chamber floor
  • Post removal

tün endo ultrasonic tips most talked about feature, is their price starting at $20 per tip. The result. For every tün® tip you purchase you keep $40-$70 in your pocket. Performance + Price = Your ultrasonic win-win! Order now and start saving money!

To learn more, download the tün®
Ultrasonic Spec Sheet (PDF).

Order yours today!


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